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Corporate law

Allen & Pinnix, P.A. is recognized for its representation of corporations and financial institutions. Our attorneys serve as general counsel to companies of all sizes, ranging from public and private companies to individual entrepreneurs. Whether a company requires advice on formation, taxes, employee relations, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, data protection obligations, or raising capital, our business attorneys have the experience to help any entity navigate the complex regulatory environment in today’s business climate. 


We have assisted in forming numerous corporations and limited liability companies, and our professionals act in the role of "in house" counsel for clients that do not employ "in house" counsel. We have represented credit unions, insurance companies, colleges, universities, telecommunications companies, and businesses of all sizes and types (from real estate appraisers and restaurant franchisees to research laboratories and software companies). Additionally, our attorneys regularly advise corporate board members and executives on their legal obligations as well as counsel on risk management strategies.  


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