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Nonprofit & tax exempt enterprises

Our attorneys are leading practitioners in the areas of nonprofit and tax exempt organizations, as well as foundation governance and regulation. We provide our nonprofit clients with a range of services, including incorporation, obtaining tax-exempt status, independent compensation consulting, IRS Form 990 compliance; as well as serving as general counsel. 


Our Experience


We assist nonprofits of all sizes to organize and operate in compliance with all applicable laws. We also seek to ensure that their board members and officers understand and consistently meet their legal obligations, and that they incorporate best practices in governance, risk management, and continuity. Examples of our services include:


  • Bylaws drafting and review. As one of a nonprofit's key organizational documents, the bylaws guide the interworkings of the organization, requiring precise language and internal consistency. At some point during a nonprofit's existence, its bylaws may face scrutiny from local, state, or federal regulators.

  • Policy drafting and implementation. A key part of ensuring compliance and integrity is to put in place policies addressing topics such as conflict of interest, whistleblower, travel and reimbursement. These and similar policies should be present to guide the actions of a nonprofit organization’s board and staff.

  • Compensation consulting. As a primary focus area for legal and reputational risk, setting the compensation of key employees has become more important than ever. We follow a detailed, yet efficient process to help boards and compensation committees reach the right compensation decisions while minimizing risk.

  • Contract drafting and compliance. We regularly develop employment agreements, master service agreements, independent contractor agreements, licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements, and other important contracts to protect the organization’s interests.

  • Charitable solicitation. Navigating charitable solicitation regulations is an important, yet often overlooked area of nonprofit law. We help organizations understand their obligations and registration requirements.

  • Joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. Nonprofits often collaborate or merge with other organizations to more effectively carry out their missions. We have extensive experience guiding nonprofit boards and staff through their legal obligations during these transitions.

Our Clients


In recent years, our clients have included nonprofits ranging in size, age, and focus, from newly established, small nonprofits to large, national-level entities implementing international programs. Examples of our clients include:


•        Colleges and universities

•        Public charities

•        Health care service providers and hospital systems

•        Social service, religious, and government support organizations

•        Economic welfare enterprises

•        Trade associations

•        Electric distribution cooperatives

•        Credit unions


Our Leadership and Scholarship


In addition to their work through Allen & Pinnix, P.A., our attorneys have served on the boards of nonprofit organizations across North Carolina and around the nation. These organizations include some of the most impactful public charities to the most influential trade associations. In addition, our attorneys lecture at local law schools and teach continuing education on wide-ranging topics affecting nonprofits and tax exempt organizations.


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